Women denounce attacks by the driver of a mobile platform in Cali |Pacific |BluRadio

2022-06-16 20:56:24 By : Mr. joy chen

Three women denounce that, in the middle of a service requested by a digital platform, they were victims of aggression by the driver in Cali, which they managed to capture on video.According to the women complainants, the route began in the center of Cali and was destined for the El Rodeo neighborhood, in the east of the city.They add that it all started because they suggested to the driver that he change his route.He also comments that one of them began to record and the man did not like this: "My friend began to record and he did not like this, that's why he punched her. We started screaming to try to get out of the car, but this man put insurance on the car," said one of the alleged victims.They continue detailing that the driver of the vehicle stopped at Avenida Ciudad de Cali, where he grabbed the woman's cell phone and threw it away."This man told us that he was going to drop us off at a police station in the Charco Azul neighborhood, but we did not believe him, luckily when he stopped, two people came and helped us," said another of the victims.Three women, passengers in a ride-hailing service vehicle, were assaulted by the driver.The victims recorded the savage aggression of the man who was upset by the claim of the users for the route he decided to take #VocesYsonidos pic.twitter.com/YHfSuZIJYuThe driver of the car fled, however, they wonder what to do in the face of this type of abuse against users, because neither the application nor the authorities, they say, have provided help to these three women.According to the women complainants, they fear that something bad could happen because the questioned driver knows the address of the house of one of the young women.