3 games similar to Candy Crush for mobile

2022-06-15 14:37:20 By : Ms. Vivian Shen

There are few people who do not know the existence of the famous Candy Crush game, or even who have never played it.This game started in the Facebook application, although it didn't take long to adapt to Android, iOS and Windows Phone mobile devices.In case you don't know, it consists of a game in which you have to move candies to form a column or row of 3 candies of the same color, with a large number of possibilities, levels and gameplay options.A very addictive puzzle game with which you can spend hours of fun.If you are already tired of it or you are looking for interesting alternatives that change the dynamics of the game in some way and with which you can play with your mobile, we will tell you about some games with which you can have a great time as long as you want, although with moderation!This game works very similarly to Candy Crush, although in this case it's about collecting jewels and it offers 6 different game modes.Despite the fact that it is a video game created before Candy Crush by EA, it has not been as popular as Candy Crush or achieved as many followers.So much so that there are already several versions of this same game, each one more fun.With more than 10 million downloads and good opinions from its users, Bejeweled Classic is an alternative to consider.Various modes where you can collect jewels, earn achievements and take the lead in Game Center leaderboards.In Bejeweled Stars you match jewels 3 by 3 and discover islands with great challenges.New surprises and many rewards for completing levels await you.You will be able to advance faster by creating upgrades and compete with your friends.And they are not the only Bejeweled that you can find, in case you want to vary your leisure possibilities.A game similar to Candy Crush that you'll find for Android and iOS, only that for a change it proposes to eliminate a whole row of the same pieces so that they disappear.With Juice Cubes you are offered a vacation on Pippin Island, where you will enjoy an adventure in a tropical paradise. You can place 3 or more cubes to create cascades of fun.You will be able to create fruit boosters to reach the top of the leaderboards.There are 700 levels and many islands full of characters that you will discover as you progress through the game.You will meet mermaids, witches, pirates and many more characters.You will learn to play easily, not so much to master it.Do you dare to unlock new islands?This is a very similar game that was originally released for the Amazon Kindle, although it was later released on social media and mobile devices.In this case, players will have to update the grid as a developed settlement or city.Each mosaic starts with grass and when combined with two other similar ones it becomes a bush.Then it's a tree, it's a cabin, it's a house and the end is given by completing all the fields.That's when the final score is calculated.It is a very fun game where you watch the progress, although remember to avoid your enemies, the evil bears.You will have a great time with this game.These are just some of the most interesting games of this type that you can find, although you will find many more.Even the creators of Angry Birds have been encouraged with one, Sugar Blast: Pop & Relax.Dare to try them and tell us how it is!